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The Class Action Case Against Fasciablaster

The health care sector is not new to the class action lawsuit. Most of the citizens are not aware of the fact that lawsuits can be filed without even meeting proper criteria. The impact of false lawsuits on big companies might not be as significant as much as it is for not so big companies and entrepreneurs. The lawsuits not only cost enormous value for companies, but the procedure followed causes a great deal of damage to the reputation. All this is just for some greedy people who try to fulfill their greed by exploiting the legal system. Also, fasciablaster faced such false claims, which is intended to be used as a massage product, stating using it leads to weight gain, anxiety, brain fog, PTSD, peripheral neuropathy and so on.

inventor of fasciablaster

Intended Reason of Lawsuit

The lawsuit causes a lot of chaos as many reliable sources of information many a time without in-depth research give it verdict and blames the company. The CEO & inventor of fasciablaster, Ashley Black, acknowledge the reasons for such a baseless class-action lawsuit are:

  • A competitor wishes upon the failure of the product.
  • An individual who does not desire people to rejuvenate themselves &, therefore, exploits the legal system in an attempt to takeout anyone who fails to fit their agenda.

Many believe that if rules to file a lawsuit are straitened, this can save not only the reputation of the company, which are falsely accused like fascia blaster but also money of taxpayers, on which the courts stand.

How to Protect Your Business

Lawsuits are always expensive. The big companies always have deep pockets to back them up, but smaller companies don’t, so they struggle to keep up with the expenditure. Steps to protect your business are as follows-

  • Partner with a Business Law Attorney
  • Update Your Insurance
  • Cooperate with the System

Therefore, be wise and protect your business smartly.


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