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Can You Consider Bee Pollen to be the answer to all Your Allergy Problems?

Many people suffer from seasonal pollen allergies that need to be treated quickly. The seasonal ones cause a stuffy nose, itchy eyes, and constant itching. Allergies to bee venom can be treated with the help of nature in the form of bee pollen.

  1. What is bee pollen?

Bee pollen is the pollen that the bees carry from the plants and mi with nectar or saliva and take it back to their hives. It is fermented there in the honeycomb, changing it into their food called the “bee bread”. This is the main protein source for all bees. The pollen varies in shapes and styles as bees collect the pollen from various plants.

  1. Cure to all allergy problems

bee sting therapy

The bee pollen acts as a solution in allergies to bee venom and it is so effective. The basic idea is fighting pollen allergy by using bee pollen of the same plant. You must know the time of your allergy and take the bee pollen at least a few months before the allergy starts. Many testimonials show that taking bee pollen has reduced so many allergies significantly.

  1. Can you mix bee pollen with other foods?

Bee pollen is bitter so, you can take it in a capsule or tablet form. But if you still don’t like the taste, you can take it with other food mixes. Take it with granola or yogurt to make it less bitter.

  1. How to take bee pollen?

It is sold as natural granules that you can easily take by spoon. Just soak the granules in water overnight making it easier to digest. If you don’t know whether you are allergic to bee pollen or not, start taking ¼ or ½ teaspoon and increase the dose.


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