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Is becoming a care worker your next job

So you’ve either graduated, that means the next step is the future, but you can’t seem to find the right career path. Well let me help you out a bit, if you like helping others, or aiding them whenever possible, and if you’re comfortable with kids and you have a special connection with them and seniors, and you have patience, maybe you should consider caregiving as a career option. It’s a great opportunity, and a great career choice and CDPAP offers a great program too, and some people love the fact that they get to be selfless and help out make their day better.

Why should you choose this?

If you’re considering this as your new career well you got to know about the advantages of the job that will make your choose it for the rest of your life. This job is a good choice because you’re able to give back. Nowadays that is very rare to find, and when you do so it will make you feel better, and it gives you a new appreciation towards life. And this job entails you to become wiser and gain more knowledge, especially when working with seniors. Moreover you get to see how you’re lifestyles could be in another 20 years, so you can work on yourself to not have any care workers.

cdpapAre there disadvantages?

Becoming a care worker you will have to endure the stress that comes with the job, you will have to work long hours, you won’t be getting holidays off. And you will have to deal with difficult patients sometimes, which will add on to the stress. You could also become emotionally strained, no matter how much you took care of them they’ll have to go, and that could happen on your watch. In every job there will be ups and downs, but if you truly love it then you have to learn to preserver through that.

How’s the pay?

The pay will depend on the program that you are with, for example cdpap will pay you around $11-$13 per hour and $16.50-$19.50 per hour for overtime. It will also depend on who you are looking after, for a child care worker the average salary is about $23,650. The average for a normal care giver will be around $22000, and will increase. The pay will depend on where you are situated, how long you work, what you do and so on.


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