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The Legacy And Story Of HamedWardak

A man full of enthusiasm, Wardak took birth in the capital city of Afghanistan, in 1977 and later grew up in the United States of America and Pakistan. He completed his education from the University of Georgetown in the year 1997 and received a degree in Bachelor of Arts, political and government theory in the year 1997 where later he got selected for the post of valedictorian in his Georgetown class. HamedWardak also received the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship.

Wardak Techno Music Purpose

  1. Wardak Humanitarian Work

Wardak after getting graduation from Georgetown University returned to his home to help the needy people during the country’s Civil War. He also helped in rebuilding his country. His primary focus was always on his birthplace, Afghanistan. Wardak worked in International Operations as Director of management.

Hamed’s evolution for his country

Wardak, later on, wants a government that follows democracy more rigidly in his nation. Afghanistan. According to which, he created a new movement of politics called Sacrificers of Peace or Fadayeen-e-Sul in the year 2007. By the same period, HamedWardak became a part of Campaign for Afganistan-U. S Partnership as a co-founder. As a charitable, founded in 2009 CUSAP founded in 2009 and the goals of this were to “attain prosperity and sustainable security in the country.”

HamedWardak achievements and his work

  • Rhodes Scholar: Wardak received the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship in the same year of his graduation from Georgetown University.
  • Philanthropist: Wardak was selected in the campaign for Afghanistan-US Partnership and he was among the eight originators. Such an initiative was made to assure the opulence for Afghanis and their country and to achieve the objective of sustainability.
  • Entrepreneur: Wardak achieved Stevie’s American Business Awards 2019 Entrepreneur of the Year.
  • Techno Music Producer: Wardak is the great techno music producer and hence worked on the collection of music from different cultures intending to heal and hold them together.

Wardak Techno Music Purpose

Wardak uses his music to help people on a much deeper emotional level since music has always been a powerful tool for self-healing. He was working to create something really exciting that will not only grab the attention of people but also hold them together. Hamed gave priority to the sounds and rhythm of different countries and mixed them to create his techno-music. He always had a strong belief that sounds and music have a special way of expression and communication.


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