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Fall Season: For A Great Start

Gardening is an incredible experience to get your plants grown in your garden, but why not know the best way to get the best results for it. Start in the fall season, but it’s not simple; the new Garden’s Path has a list of things to remember while starting the work.

In the fall season, cool weather allows crops to hold longer in the garden. Some crops can live longer after maturity as well. Some of them are broccoli and cabbage. The fast-growing crops such as spinach, lettuce, and cilantro will also hold their qualities for longer if planted in the fall harvest.

What to plant?

The garden path has a list of plants that you can plant. Some of them are here for one to get a touch to the statement of the fall garden.


One can plant beets about ten weeks earlier than the first frost. One of the main perks of planting beets this season is to get a dark color than spring ones.


Plant carrots, carrot seed, is very small and plant precisely with space of around 5 to 8 seeds per inch.


Plant onions, place the sets in five to six inches away, shallow furrow, and cover with soil, leaving some pointed tip at the surface.


Grow broccoli, transplant it in the garden with space of twelve to eighteen inches in-between.

Salad greens

Get the salad greens in the fall garden. As it needs a short time to grow and to get mature, plant them through August and later.


It can be directly planted or transplanted into the fall garden. If the seeds are shown directly, keep the distance of six to eight inches apart.


In the mid-period of fall, plant garlic cloves with a distance of four to six inches in-between with at least one inch into the soil to get good results.

Although one can start planting in any season for great results, they can start in the fall season as it is the best season to start with. Grow more and grow great.


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