The whole landmass of the civilized world is now crisscrossed by heavy-density roadways. Yet California (CA) roads remain the challenge to conquer. Beautifully maintained, yet of a complexity that confounds many drivers around the world, and constantly upgraded, these roadways have created some of the best drivers around. They are in fact classed separately, as “California Drivers”.  How to get CA driver license is an important objective, not just for the next generation, but drivers internationally.


The Objective of this course is specifically to get the teens to drive well, fast, and safely first time on the road, without avoidable accidents or mishaps. It is to achieve this seemingly contradictory target that these superb Californian courses have been designed. Separate and independent studies have shown that the CA driver education courses are highly effective in reducing collisions and traffic violations. They have almost single-handedly created a new breed of CA Teen Drivers whose driving is so stable and reliable, that the Driving World has bent over to praise their capabilities.


Getting A License

In order to get CA driver license, the CA DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) has specified that the drivers must first complete the recommended CA Drivers course as well as certified behind-the-wheel Training for the specified period of time. The actual steps are as follows:

  • In order to apply for a New CA Drivers license, the candidate must first join one of the long lines that the CA DMV is notorious for, just to collect an application form.
  • The application must be complete in all aspects (personal information, fingerprints, photo, etc.) and submitted with the required fee.
  • Then there is a Vision Test.
  • Preferably join a DMC-approved online CA Drivers course as well as the behind-the-wheel Training.
  • Take the Written Test, pass it, and the License will be sent to the candidate by post and/or online.


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