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Planning to Buy a Condo? Read this first!

For most people who have been working non-stop in their lives, it is ideal that they get a good place where they can have their lives, work and play lifestyle. One of the things to do this is to have a condo, a place situated in the heart of a city coupled with standard amenities and less maintenance. If you’re one of the many individuals who are planning to buy a condominium unit, make sure to check these simple guides before purchasing your ideal condo.

Be aware of your budget

If you’re a first-timer in buying a condo, the most important thing that you should first consider is your financial capacity. Buying a condo with its original price is already a challenge, adding more cost for the condo’s maintenance as well as keeping it will be very difficult if you don’t plan your finances. There are a lot of factors that you should consider before buying a condo, such as mortgages, realty taxes, utilities, and association dues. You must be aware of these expenses before you start deciding on purchasing a specific condo.

Select a good location

The next important factor to consider is the location, make sure that you understand the geography of the place as well as the traffic. Inquire about the area’s security, how safe is it? The distance of the place from your workplace or school, do you have any friends and family nearby? These are important considerations because buying a condo is a long term investment. Your location should be in consonance with your purpose of why you’re buying a condo in the first place.

best and right condo

The type of condo

There is no such thing as the best and right condo, every condominium unit is unique. A condo will be great if it suits your needs perfectly well. So make sure that you understand the type of condo available in the market right now and evaluate what type of condo works well with your prompt needs especially if  it is your first time purchasing. There are various condo types that you can choose from such as a one-bedroom condo, studio-type, three-bedroom, loft, Penthouse, and Bi-level.

Choose the best and reliable developer and agent

The development manager is the ones that have direct control over the overall wellness of the condo, so you must choose a property developer that has a reliable reputation. Make sure that you choose a developer that has a license in their practice, that’s one good indication that they are legit.

Check the amenities

Some condo offers great amenities while others do not have much any, to begin with. When condos have great amenities it usually follows with a great price, you must choose the type of amenities that you need instead of what you want, or you can play with both if your budget permits. Usual amenities include a gym, swimming pool, playground, function room, basketball and tennis court and the like.

When choosing a condominium unit, make sure to follow the tricks and tips provided above. Real estate is a long term investment and its value either increased or decreased over time. Make the right decision now and start looking for reliable condo units at Ki Residences Hoi Hup Realty


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