LaPorte County is in the state of Indiana located in the United States. It has a population of 22,242. It offers residents a dense suburban feel. There are lots of houses for sale in Laporte County Indiana. It has a diverse ethnicity.

Cost of living

The cost of living between LaPorte and the United States differs a lot. Housing is the biggest factor in this. Houses in LaPorte usually costs around $100,000. While income of the common household is around $35,000.


Employment opportunities have a big role in why people decide to move. The unemployment rate also indicates how healthy the economy is. Lower unemployment rates mean a region is better able to attract and keep workers. As well as new industries and retailers. Future job growth at LaPorte is set at 23.34% compared to the national average of 33.51%. The unemployment rate of LaPorte is higher than the United States national average by 0.6%. The income per household is only average because of the employment rate. Majority of employment opportunities here are often related to mining and quarrying. As well as oil and gas extraction.


LaPorte ranks 82nd as the Best Public School in Indiana. It is also the 150th out of 320 counties when it comes to places with the lowest cost of living in Indiana.

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Business and economy

A great place to live in is a great place to work at. Since the economy of LaPorte thrives, the tax base gets bigger. This means there’s more money the government can use for city improvements. It helps attract and let talented workers stay.


More than 84.4% of residents have high school diplomas or higher. And 13.3% of these residents graduated with a college degree or higher. Parents look into schools and education opportunities when they choose where to live. LaPorte has a high percentage of high school graduates and college graduates.


Healthy living is one of the considerations a family checks before moving to a new place. Residents should choose a place that will lower their personal health risk. Health care in LaPorte is available for its residents. Its quality comes down to access, affordability, and outcome. Health outcomes in LaPorte ranks at 73rd. Health factors rank at 77th. And healthy behaviors rank at 67th. 80% of the adult residents are non-smokers. This is why 66% of the adults have healthy weight. Even with those numbers, 85% of them have health insurance. 72% of adults take part in leisure time physical activity which also attributes to a healthy life.

Make sure to check all factors and considerations before you decide to buy a house. Moving in to a new house is a long-term decision. You cannot undo it when you think that the house is not for you. So plan with care.


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