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How to choose the right real estate developer?

If delays are a problem for you in a sale with a developer, think about it with your head rested. Developers do not consider the season before bidding for land because they are looking for plots all year round. Finally, between a sale between individuals that can take months before you find a buyer and a sale to a developer who can potentially take so much time, what is the best solution? In the second case, remember that you will receive more money because the promoter will not evaluate your property about its market value but according to the potential of construction. Depending on the location of your land, you could do a real deal by selling to a developer, but still, find the right!

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A promoter near you

When the time comes Ki Residences to contact a promoter, or even if several promoters come to you, it may be useful to select a professional in your area. Indeed, this will allow you to meet him directly in the agency, a place that should, in theory, include any information on his career, especially about projects he has already conducted. It is a real plus to be able to visit the current or even completed projects he has run before, it will give you a little idea of ​​his seriousness and his finances.

Concrete examples to give you

A promoter who has to his credit several projects which have ended in good conditions has either large cash flow or can obtain loans easily from a bank. This is a point that deserves to be raised because your project will be inscribed in time with a promoter and if it is not finally financed, you will have lost long months. Take advantage of your visits to the previous projects to question the inhabitants of the places or the tradesmen if it is about a shopping center or shops of proximity. Everyone will certainly not have the same opinion about the developer, but it will give you a little idea of ​​its ability to meet deadlines, to interact with customers, etc.


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