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What are the benefits of using a quartz countertop for your home?

Quartz countertops, once a rare material has been developed into a very reputable and very popular choice for many households and interior designers because of its high-end surface material, however, the process of gaining respect has been very slow. Even nowadays, quartz countertops compete with a solid surface such as Corian, and also a natural stone for space in kitchens and bathrooms.

Usually, a hard and manmade countertop material is mainly used in kitchens and bathrooms and it has an agglomerate of stone-like materials that are bound with resins and pressed into sheets as well. Quartz countertops excel over the natural stone because it does not require any sealing at all. Its resins are its natural sealant although it may have some few imperfections because it is manufactured to be controlled, overall, quartz countertops is already proven to be sturdy and long-lasting which makes it an ideal countertop for any households.

So, is it really made out of quartz? Even if you are not familiar with quartz, you may have heard of the elegance of this material that is used to make wristwatches to work making this piece of jewelry to be expensive most of the time. However, quartz is the name used for the material in making this type of countertop because it is engineered to become a stone counter.

In simpler terms, quartz countertops are nearly a hundred percent made up of stone-like materials and only seven percent of binders are either plastic-like or polymeric or cement-based. For those stone-like materials, quartz is only one of the many substances. You can check average cost of quartz here. So, what are the benefits of using this? To learn more check out the rest of this post.

Quartz countertops

  1. It is tested and proven to be great for countertops– Quartz countertops have been one of the best and most popular options in many households in Europe for more than ten years already while in the United States, quartz is not that common. Since its surface is a combination of quality stones that are laminated into one affordable countertop, it can offer a more versatile option for any purposes such as kitchen countertop or bathroom flooring.
  2. Various color options are always available– Regardless if the quartz is quarried slab or it is an engineered solution, virtually, you can choose any color which is a great option for any quartz countertop. This makes it a more reasonable investment for new construction or for those who want to upgrade or remodeling their own kitchen with a new countertop.
  3. It is a very low-maintenance addition to your kitchen– Quartz countertop is very durable and virtually invincible. The durability level of a quartz countertop is very good that it is one of the very few countertop options that come with a warranty. Because it is not porous, there are very few sanitary concerns also with this countertop option also.
  4. It is highly resistant to staining and corrosion– Knowing that it is very durable for its surface, the requirement for it to be resealed; the quartz countertop does not longer require having it. Quartz countertop is naturally resistant to liquids, oils, and corrosion on its own.


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