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Follow Robert Gillings For Great Stories On The Medium

If you are a member of the website The Medium then you need to be aware of some of the most influential personalities that are present out there. One such personality that is loved by many individuals out there is surely robertgillings. The individual is a writer, designer, actor, architectural, producer and much more. As on The Medium, you can see him clap for some of the stories which need proper attention and hence you should surely follow him on the website. A story that is been clapped by the writer are given below, so do give it a look.

Some movie villains who have a legit point of view

There is hardly any antagonist in a story who can deliver his point of view to the audience and let them understand why he is doing what he is doing. Some of the villains that were seen in the movies who had logical views are given below.

influential personalities

  • Magneto from X-Men franchise

Magneto is seriously one of the most logical villains that are out there. He is just trying to protect his race from the humans who have once killed most of his types just because they were not that ideal human which are normally present out there. If you have seen some of the parts of the franchise you are going to believe that Magneto’s belief was quite right.

  • Sid from the Toy Story

If you are thinking that Sid was a bad boy then think again, he is shown as a bad character as the movie was totally based on the toys. But the fact that the boy was rebuilding all the toys in a new and interesting shape is surely showing the creativity he had. This can also show that he could have become an engineer in the future who could tinker various items.


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