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Preventive Maintenance for Cars

What is Preventive Maintenance?            

Preventive Maintenance for Cars is the maintenance that is performed to cars to enhance there life span. It is performed while the car is working well so that it does not break down in unexpected situations. It is the care and servicing that is done to the cars at the vehicles service stations. It is an act of proactiveness to keep the cars in good order and reduce the chances of downtime. As a car owner, it is very essential to keep your ride happy and save money on future repairs. Never ignore preventive maintenance. Car lovers know the importance of preventive maintenance. used car dealerships in raleigh always suggest their buyers to do preventive maintenance to their vehicle on a regular basis to keep them healthy and to save money.

Preventive Maintenance for Cars

The Process Of Preventive Maintenance

  1. Read the car’s user manual. Your regular maintenance is inside it. Your manufacturer will suggest you when to do the preventive maintenance which are said to be the first free services needed for you car. This could be changing oil, changing filters and much more.
  2. Do your own inspection for air pressure to maintain tyre condition and get better mileage.
  3. Learn to check your car fluids. You must learn to check your car fluids for anti-freeze, power steering, coolant and wiper fluid levels. If you are running low add more water or get it changed. It is very important to never ignore if there is any leak.
  4. It is important to get your timing and serpentine belts repaired when essential. Your user manual will tell the number of miles for which it needs replacement. If they are in good shape, ignore. But if they are worn out, get them replaced before it fails to work.
  5. Check your oil and get it changed regularly. Check the oil colour and oil level with the dipstick. If it is muddy, then it says that there is something wrong with your engine.
  6. Check the battery. Use a battery tester and a battery cleaning brush to do it by yourself. By doing so, you can save a lot of money.
  7. Replace the wind shield immediately the view gets streaky. Many people ignore to do this. It is available for cheap and you can do it by yourself.
  8. Replace your cabin air filter. It is the easiest thing to do by yourself. It makes your ride pleasant.
  9. Replace your engine air filter. Replacing it regularly is very important for the car’s mileage.
  10. Check your car’s tyres for rotation, balance and alignment. Make sure that your tyres wear evenly and your car moves smoothly.
  11. Change the spark plugs. Your engine does not work efficiently if the spark plugs are worn out. Checking and replacing them is not difficult.

These are some of the preventive maintenance that every vehicle needs and almost all of them can be done by yourself. Used Car Dealerships in Raleigh suggest all the above and also checks if they are done on a regular basis before, they sell them to their customers.


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