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Four questions you should be asking with the car dealership when buying a used car

Your ultimate goal in visiting a car dealership is to get the best deal you have and drive out with a new car regardless if it is a brand new or a used car.

However, not every buyer wants to deal with the total amount that they have to pay after negotiating with the car dealer’s salesman.

That is why it is very important to understand the final price and also what you get in return by asking the dealership these four important questions that will help you have a great car-buying experience when you purchase used cars for sale.

  1. Ask for the total cost including the fees and taxes– Every time a dealer advertises that there is no down payment required, or they have the best deals of the year, these prices, in general, do not include the fees and the taxes that is why setting your mindset to this situation is very important to determine the total amount that you will pay. The taxes on car sales have various rates depending on the State and County you live in. In a similar manner, dealerships can charge you fees for things such as filing your documents, registering the car, and also obtaining the inspection stickers. You should not be surprised with these fees as these are all required, however, you can try to waive it by asking the dealer that have auto sales online.
  2. Ask about the car, the financing, and the trade-in– You should ask these questions to the dealer one by one because you might assume that the dealers can make the bulk of their entire profit on a brand new car’s price tag, however, in reality, a lot of car dealerships make money on commissions which include the amount of money for your trade-in, and the financing, as well as the accessory costs of your new car. You can negotiate these items each to get the best deal for each to cut your expenses with the accessories.
  3. Ask them which bank they partner for financing– For sure you will get better financing when you choose your own bank, however, car dealerships have their own partner to provide car financing and leasing to their customers. Before you purchase a used car, you should check what options you can get from financial institutions including your preferred bank as they may have better terms and a lower interest rate which depends on your credit score. You should ask the dealership which bank or financial institution they have partnered, however, it is best to inquire the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to grab the best deal possible.
  4. Ask for any amenities that come with the purchase– If you are negotiating for a car, you should not hesitate to ask for the amenities that come with your purchase. These are usually car washes, maintenance, and oil changes which is applied the same as the accessories or the add-ons of the dealer that tries to sell you which also includes an extended warranty. You should always ask for extra value before you close any deal with them.


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