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Twin View Condo by China Construction Development Pvt Ltd

Prior to its construction, there were a total of 9 bidders for the site at West Coastal Vale. China Construction Development bid a humongous $292 million tender for residential development rights of the land to outclass the other bidders at the auction.

Twin View is a 99-year old tenure development situated at the West Coast Vale; it is present in the proximity of Jurong Lake District. The location, rate, and the number of bids for the land demonstrate the optimism for the site because of its vicinity to Jurong and other parts of Singapore.

China Construction Development

Twin View and its nature inspired theme development

Twin View condo was aimed to be constructed with a nature-themed concept. The theme is inclined to provide a quiet and serene ambiance to buyers in this private residential enclave at West Coast Vale. There is a lot of greenery and water attributes situated in the development which give a strong sense of serenity for the residents who will be staying in the Twin View. A lot of aquatic and scenic features are added for complete landscaping of the development.Why buy at Twin View West Coastal Vale?

It’s the typical question every investor will have, why invest here? Apart from the aforementioned reasons, below are the key features which showcase the reasons why buying or investing in a property at Twin View West Coastal Vale is beneficial to you.

  • The residents have a facility of healthcare or state-of-art healthcare
  • The primary schools, secondary schools, colleges, and universities are in the vicinity of the enclave
  • Hassle-free transportation available to all the corners at all time
  • Community clubs and centers etcetera
  • Shopping malls in the proximity of the development
  • It has dine-out locations for people to have fun with their families
  • The proximity of entertainment and worship places are really close
  • Unrestricted view of Pandan reservoir and Sungei Pandan
  • The development is located separately in an enclave

The Twin View China Construction Group

The Twin View development company has tremendously grown over the years and is successfully acquiring and accomplishing anexcess of construction projects. It has been crowned the prestigious award of BCA nine times in history and it’s an astounding feat in the construction industry. China construction development celebrates A1 status and limitless tendering capabilities. The company boasts over 700 staff and 4500 skilled workers. It also reduces the benefits to stakeholders as well.


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