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Mixing Xanax With Alcohol Is A Bad Idea

Consumption of alcohol while taking xanax can really become a deadly combination .As being proven in the research work that alcohol and xanax is cleaned by the liver enzyme of the body. Both the drugs are simplified by the same compound, so it will take a long amount of time by the body to detoxify in case you take the dosage of both simultaneously.

mixing alcohol with xanax

What can be the associated risks of mixing alcohol with xanax?

  • Can be a fatal if high dosages will be taken
  • Reduce the activity of central nervous system
  • Memory loss can occur due to brain fog and can cause memory impairment
  • Shallow breathing as affects the respiratory system which causes respiratory depression
  • Increase the level of anxiety
  • Decrease the motor reflexes of the body
  • Unconsciousness aggression and irritation in the person which decreases the mental clarity
  • Cognitive issues
  • Allergic reaction that may lead to several problems associated with breathing and dizziness in the person

The above symptoms can affect the body badly. This is mainly because the mixture of alcohol with xanan intensifies the affect of both on the body. It’s strongly advised to avoid using the mixture of alcohol with any other drug as it may lead to numerous sides affect. It can stoutly affect the functioning of brain and may show the way to related diseases. Many cases have evident in which the high dosage of the xanax with alcohol may even lead to death.

This can be really a poor strategy for any recreational or self treating method. No matter what can be the side effect, people should not consume these two drugs together in all cases. Detoxifying treatment can work well, in case someone is abused of its affect.


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