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A Member’s Guide on Where to Find Gold Ore Rocks in RuneScape

Online games are prevalent these days. Some people do it for fun while others do it as a source of livelihood. Whatever your motivations are, you have to try RuneScape. RuneScape is considered as Massively Multiplayer Online-role playing Game (MMORPG) that was created in 2001.

To date, there are about 200 million players worldwide. This became famous for no reason. RuneScape takes you to a virtual realm called Gielinor. Gielinor is a fantasy kingdom divided into regions. Every region offers different quests to challenge the players. To succeed in their quests, players should increase experience through improving their skills. There are about 27 skills you need to master in RuneScape.

master in RuneScape

One of the most famous skills is “mining” an ore. If you accumulate enough experience, your character will “level up”. If you are keen on improving your “mining” skill, you have to know where you can find gold ore rocks. Gold ore rocks are usually represented by a protruding rock. Here are the locations of gold ore rocks:

Dondakan’s Mine: Dondakan’s Mine: is also known as Arzinian Gold Mine. It is in the Southwest part of Keldagrim, Drawven’s capital city. To access this, members should complete the Between A Rock Conquest to acquire a golden helmet. You have to know that this area contains the most number of gold rocks, 146 to be exact.
Al Kharid Mining Site Resource Dungeon: To enter this dungeon, you need to have “dungeoneering” level of at least 75. Upon entering, you will be given 11,400 “dungeoneering” experiences plus the change to “mine”11 gold rocks.
Horseshoe Mine: The Horseshoe Mine is also called Karamja Northwestern Mine. It is located in Brimhaven. The mine boasts of 10 gold ores.
Keldagrim North Mine: This “mine” is owned by a dwarf named Dondakan.  This is considered one of the most accessible “mining” sites. You can get 8 gold ores here.
Lunar Isle Mine: This “mine” is in the Northeast part of Lunar Isle. This “mine” is known to have “pure essence rock” and lunar ore. You can get seven gold ores here.
Brimhaven Mining Site: It is just beside the Brimhaven Dungeon entrance. The mine has sic gold rocks.

In “mining” gold, remember that you need to have “mining” level 40 or higher. If you do not have time to spare, you can look for online resellers. It is important that you have gold so you can purchase other items inside the game. Do not worry because there are legitimate websites that you can buy runescape gold.


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