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Steps to get a successful travel blog

Blogging can be just as a hobby or you can take it to next level. When you want to do travel blogging and also earn money while you are at it you need to set up a good blog, gather your audience, share your interesting experiences and finally travel all you can.

  • Select a name: Keep to simple, unique and original. Don’t choose overused words in the industrial rather opt for something that stands out.
  • Get hosted: It means you are renting a place for your site in the web. It help you get a domain. Choose a domain that is catchy and easy to remember.
  • Open word press account: Word press is the most popular publishing platform. Once you start writing in word press, it’s out there for every one to see and you get your audience.
  • Download plug-ins: These can help you make the blog more attractive and easily accessible for both you and your audience.
  • Social media for publicity: Get a handlers in all the top social media sites like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Try to get similar handler names for all the sites to create a brand for yourself.
  • Good old email list: Having a email list can help you to reach more people than you guess. Sending emails out will make more people take notice of your blog and start following you.

Income from blogging

This site is not only providing information to travelers, it has become income source to the people who write and share their experiences. Interesting blogs are seen and shared by some people and that blog should get nominated as a best blog. When it gets huge traffic from people advertising companies will offer money to those bloggers. These blogs are not only providing information and also providing income as well.


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