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Problems You Face in Air Travel

Everyone is psyched up for vacations. While planning vacations seems as easy as they show in fancy romantic comedy movies, to break the bubble- it’s not. There are steps and stages involved in planning vacations. And what could be more important than planning to land at your vacation destination? When you are working your brains and researching and finally deciding to go by air, there are some problems that you need to make sure you don’t stumble upon and spoil the trip.

Spending more on flight than it deserves

When you plan to fly with family, the amount of money you save on traveling can be used to afford other expenses. Here, the best way to know if you are spending right amount of money on flights is to make a comparison. You can go to websites, like https://flightfactory.co.za/ to find best prices.

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Not being able to find tickets

When you’re busy sorting things out, packing, and making plans, there are chances you forget where you placed your tickets. If it is not a hard ticket, you can use the information, like flight number and airline, and the airline will be able to track your reservation. In case it was a hard ticket, you will have to file a lost ticket claim and pay for a new ticket. You will possibly receive a refund within a period of 30 to 180 days deducting the service charge fee.

Being charged for excess baggage

Apart from the hand baggage that you carry with yourself, the baggage that you plan to dump for the airline people to take care of has a limit. Usually, it is a limit that’s not quite right and you are at chances of exceeding it. Furthermore, the charges applicable for excessive baggage are really high. If you find yourself in a situation where you have to pay extra, you can do something about it. Try transferring some load to another baggage or putting extra items in hand baggage.

Getting bumped

In an effort to make sure the airlines make maximum revenue, they oversell tickets as opposed to the number of seats they have. This works out normally since a lot of people don’t show up at the end. At times when this doesn’t happen, the airlines cancel your reservation and make a refund. Mostly the airlines cancel the reservations of the people arriving last. So to avoid this situation, you should check in early.

Delayed flight

The first thing to ensure when your flight is delayed is- you should have a reliable source of being informed. You need to keep updated about the flight timings. Many a times the problem that caused a delay might get resolved and your flight might take off earlier than anticipated. Keep all of these in mind and you can enjoy a great trip.


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