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How to Enjoy Fort Lauderdale in a Day

What if you only had a day to take a break travel inc Fort Lauderdale? Chances are, your first thought would be regret. This is especially painful if it’s your first time to visit. However, you don’t have to feel bad about it. Did you know, you can enjoy Fort Lauderdale even if for just a day.

It just takes a bit of planning to get your itinerary in order. We’ve listed key travel spots in the city for you to visit within a day. Rest assured you won’t feel like you’ve missed out on anything. Moreover, you’ll have great pictures to show off when you get home.

Take a break travel inc Fort Lauderdale

Your First Stop in Fort Lauderdale

Begin your day by heading to the Hugh Taylor Birch State Park. It has wildlife, recreational activities, and the Terramar Visitor Center all within its 73-acre area. You can go fishing, take a hike, or even ride a canoe along its freshwater lagoon measuring 1.6 kilometers.

If you happen to there on weekends, then make it a point to join any of the ranger guided walks. They’ll be located throughout the park plus it’s free.

Fort Lauderdale’s Must Visit Destination

When you get hungry, drive over to Las Olas Boulevard. Locals dubbed it as a must visit for tourists. It’s also considered as the city’s heart and soul. Take a stroll along the boulevard to admire the extensive collection of dining and shopping choices.

What’s more, you’ll appreciate the distinct architecture of South Florida. Hence, you’ll shop and dine in a very authentic setting. Las Olas in Spanish means waves. However, getting to the beach from the shopping and dining area might be more than just a cozy walk. So, it’s best to take a car. Don’t worry it’s just a short ride and it’ll be worth it once you get to Las Olas Beach.

How to End Your Day Trip

Take a gondola ride for the last stop on your take a break travel inc Fort Lauderdale. The size of the boats makes it easier to maneuver the city’s famous canals and waterways. As a result, you get to see the more intimate side of Fort Lauderdale. Hence, you’ll truly feel you’re in the Venice of America. The sunset tour is the perfect way to cap your day long tour.

Keep these destinations in mind the next time you find yourself in Fort Lauderdale for a day.


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