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Vibration isolation – Arrest the noise from device

With the technology advancement every problem has its solution. A machine by default has the capacity of vibration when working, this technology advancement has a solution this issue too. Naturally when a machine works, its motor makes the vibration that passes to the nearby parts and makes noise with vibration. Thus vibration in the whole machine reduces its function and sometimes results in failure of working. With this vibration, you cannot be able to use the machine with comfort. Thus vibration and noise from those machines provide uncomfortable in usage. In general, we people do not consider the vibration the main issue for repair. But they make most of the issues in each machine parts by transferring vibration frequency.

transferring vibration frequency

Thus to control this vibration and noise, vibration isolators are used. Vibration isolation is a technique to arrest vibration from the machine. Generally, there are three ways to apply vibration isolation. They are passive isolation, active isolation and use of elastomeric materials to isolate. Passive isolation is not for electric components. On the other hand, active vibration isolation is more controlled isolation with the addition of electric components that increase the amount of vibration.  Thus with the elastomeric materials such as rubber, vinyl, and other thermoplastics, mounting of the motor is made to reduce vibration.

Since vibration frequency is passed to all over the parts and the machine starts to produce more vibration with noise, the isolator is placed in between the source of vibrating part and all the other surrounding with an elastomeric material. After the isolation of material, transmission of energy frequency is reduced and thus noise is controlled. When you decide on mounting isolator for noise control, check with the model and its compatibility. Also, you can check with Isolation Technology to find a suitable system to mount for vibration and noise control mount.


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