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Vibration Control Eqipment And Uses

Vibration control equipments absorb the force emitted by the vibrating heavy machinery thereby reducing the vibration and also the noise. So we can say vibration and noise control work together in such equipments. There are a wide range of products that can be used for vibration control like the vibration isolators, vibration dampers, vibration control mounts, pads and rails. These equipments can be fitted to the heavy machinery for the purpose of vibration and noise control.

isolators and mounts

Vibration isolation rails:  These rails are used for cooling tower support, roof top air conditioners, chillers and small tank or base mounted compressors.

Vibration control mounts: These mounts can be used for vibration isolation at low cost. These mounts are very useful to isolate high speed machinery from its supports. These mounts are used to provide deflection of about ¼ to ½ “.

Mechanical springs and spring dampers: These isolators are used for heavy machines and building systems. They can also be used as mounts under concrete blocks which increases the isolation.

Pads and sheets made of materials such as foam, elastomers, and other materials: These pads can be placed under heavy machinery, in vehicles and under audio systems with high noise to reduce vibration and noise

Moulded and bonded rubber isolators and mounts: these are used to absorb the shock from heavy machinery and in vehicles. They make the functioning of the machines smooth and increase the productivity.

How to choose an isolator?

The selection of suitable isolators depends upon a few factors like

  • The size of the machinery. Small machines generally need only one type of isolator while the bigger machines may need to use multi isolators to absorb the shock and control the vibration and noise.
  • The weight of the machine also plays an important role while choosing vibration control equipments. As these equipments are designed to carry as specific load.
  • The next important factor is the movement of the machines. It is very important to know the speed at which the different parts move and the mass of these parts before selecting an isolator.
  • The operating environment also plays an important role in choice of vibration controls. For example, an industrial environment with heavy machines need heavy duty insulators and controls while the lab environment need small isolating pads to absorb the vibration from the building or from the next machinery.
  • The temperature also plays an important role in selection of isolators as they are generally designed to perform under normal human temperature conditions. The design of the insulators needs to be modified to work under extreme temperatures.
  • The isolators are designed for specific type of loading such as static loading or dynamic loading.
  • Finally the cost of the isolation system which depends upon whether you opt for standard equipment or for customised options.

Vibration controls play an important role in absorbing the shock and force generated by heavy machines during their functioning. They increase the productivity and life of the machines. There are large varieties of vibration controls and isolators in the market which cater to different requirements.


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