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How to Spot Mistakes in Web Design Before It Goes Live

Are you about to launch your new website? Be careful that you don’t pee in all that excitement. After all, you might be slaving away in front of your computer for quite a bit of time now, and you want to show the world all the effort you’ve been doing for the past few days, weeks, or perhaps even months. So without further ado, your site goes live.

All seems fine until “it” happens; mistakes are now popping up here-and-there, and now you have to take it down again. So what happens if you’ve already got loyal visitors checking out your online presence? There’s nothing to do but send out an apologetic page saying that the site is down for maintenance. Most of the time, the errors don’t seem too bad, but you still want to create the perfect experience for your users. Here are some ways you can spot the mistakes before they go out to the World Wide Web.

Validation? Check. JavaScript? Check.

 As a web designer or a developer, you should build a site in a systematic fashion. Ensuring that there will be no errors once the website goes live needs the help of a checklist. The list should include all the things related to the final output such as making sure that all the links work, all the contact forms operate as intended, and making sure that the hosting is set up right. You can follow a web designer’s checklist (there are plenty of them sprawled across the Internet), or you can make your own.

Did You See This? How About You?

 Two heads are always better than one. In the case of checking for errors in a website, the more eyes you have, the better. Human error is one of the most simple yet most underhanded things that can happen in our daily lives, and the instance can definitely take place when you’re trying to build a website. For the sake of clarity, get more people to check out the website before it goes live. Ask the people to perform basic tasks such as checking all the links, and making sure every spelling and grammar is correct.

Let the Experts Handle It

 If you’re building a website but don’t have much experience in doing it, and you want the final output to look as majestic when it goes live as you saw it in your dreams, then better drop the keyboard and mouse to seek the help of professional wordpress web design assistance. In this regard, you can check out web design bridgend to help you out in your site design endeavors.

So what happens if there are still errors in your website when it goes live even after following these steps? Well, nobody’s perfect; however, try to minimize those mishaps as much as you can.


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