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Ranking application for everyone

Is a new cutting age one stop bus for all the applications on android one would wish to put out there, and also understands the hustle of having your application being rejected by donors and sponsors and not being able to sell it or enable it to reach to the normal people who truly could benefit if they downloaded your application and has also come up with a way of making your work easier to do. Features of rank app

The rank app is unique, affordable and simply time efficient and the best for gaining online traction. We understand that there’s a tendency for sites making one to waste money on fake installs. But here at rank app, we do not waste money and in fact could help you save up to 500 %( incredible right?), of the resources you would have wasted fake people. It ensures guaranteed installs, rank app also ensures that the people downloading your application are real users and the devices are real devices.
Rank app also understand that making an app this day does not cut it, apps also require traffic for them to be profitable and we ensure that you don’t have to worry about that, we have methods that are efficient in helping you have your app get the attention it deserves and does so your app doesn’t die away in the Hall of forgotten applications.

Install packages Rank app understands the high-value people put in their work and don’t want to feed off that, therefore we have quite good payment packages that are affordable and progressive. There are two kinds of install packages one can buy installs android which are regular install packages and keyword install packages. Keyword install packages are more expensive because they are more direct and have more traffic flowing through them as compared to regular install packages. The regular install packages are affordable though and are quite suitable for beginner application developers. This package also give you the advantage of boosting your position on the play market and even get one you more users via organic installs.

Support The rank app has a very quick and responsive support desk where one can reach through Skype or email thereby greatly helping a developer in the process of putting his/her app out to the world. The rank app support team also advises an app developer to through every step to help them make the most out their application in terms of cost and traffic generated by the app, the team also ensures that one is satisfied with the whole process and can refund ones money in case of any dissatisfaction.


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