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Feel the intensity of the game, without actually even watching

Arguably, football has the most passionate, dedicated, and supportive as well as sometimes rowdy fans in any sport. These football fans love the sport as much as a cat goes crazy over catnip. This just goes to show how much football means to them and as much as they always want to see their favourite teams battle it out live on the field, there are times where they can’t go to the stadium to show their support or even go to the pub with their friends to watch the show there live, or even at home.

These are the times that they must be thankful for a few app developers who might just be Bundesliga fans that share their sentiments, thus a fussbal app was created for fans to keep them updated during game day, in real time. This app accompanies these fans in their time of sorrow and will help them get through the sadness and anguish of not being able to watch the game live. At least the consolation is they get to know everything that’s happening during the game.

fussball app

It’s like being there, without even being there

This app lets you in on all that’s happening during the game, from the scores to the penalties and everything in between; the app updates you in real time so you get to feel as if you are just watching the game, but without actually seeing it. This app will be your companion during your time of need to keep you updated so you won’t miss every single detail during game day.

Starting lineups

The starting line-up of both opposing teams may dictate the direction of the game as well as who will be off to a good start and who wouldn’t. The app lets you know the starting players of the respective teams that are going to be facing off before the game starts. It also lets you know who’s on the bench for each team. It’s really like watching the game on television, only instead of pictures and videos, all you get to see are words but something is always better than nothing, right?

Daily news

Not only do you get to have real time updates of the game during game day but you also receive daily updates of anything and everything there is to know about the Bundesliga, updates from your favourite teams or players and everything in between. This way, you’ll never miss out on any news concerning your favourite sport. Probably the best thing about this app is it’s free to download on any supported android device from the Google play store. For avid fans, there’s nothing better than a free app that keeps them in the loop.

Relive the moments

Although you may not have been able to watch the game itself, the app lets you watch replays of several highlights during the game as well as the winning goal. This way, you can sort of have an idea on how the game actually progressed, as well as to satisfy your curiosity.

For the avid Bundesiga fan who can’t watch the game, being fed up to date information about game day is important. Why wait for your friends (who sometimes take too long to update you) to let in you on all the action, when you can get real time (and more accurate) updates fed to your mobile phone or tablet. This app is your go to app when you know you can’t watch the game live. Don’t be left out and download the app now.


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