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3 Quick Techniques to Enhance Your Site’s Design

If you’ve been positioned for the task of creating your company’s website, then you’re in for a challenging endeavor, especially if you don’t have much experience doing it in the first place.

You can always count on a professional web development company like comradeweb.com to help you properly deal with the challenge (and within a favorable amount of time for completion to boot). However, if you still want to try designing and developing your firm’s site by yourself, then here are 3 tips to help you reach that goal.

Start With Gray, Then Add Color

Don’t underestimate the power of the color gray in any aspect of arts and design. In fact, the color is so important in some fields of art (i.e. photography) that not taking advantage of the hue can cause undesirable results. In the subject of web design, starting your site layout with this neutral shade can help you create a wireframe that’ll assist you in adding elements one at a time. It’ll also prevent “over-designing” and aid in placing consistency throughout the entire layout.


Add Web Compatible Fonts

If you don’t know about web compatible fonts or web fonts for short, then look into Google Fonts to find suitable typefaces to use for your company website. Why is this aspect so important? It’s because it’ll save you a lot of trouble as you create the same governance that can be found in corporate documents. Remember, you’re making a website for a business and not for a personal blog. Also, stay away from Comic Sans MS no matter how appealing it may look to you.

Remove the Slideshow or Carousel

When you browse at some of the websites on the World Wide Web, you might see some pages that use the carousel or slideshow scheme to display pictures. It might look appealing to many users, but it does get in the way in some aspects of your site design. It adds another layer for your site to load completely, thus increasing page load times. If you don’t think that page load time is an important aspect, then note that Google’s SEO algorithm looks through each website’s load times to see if it’s worth looking into by human visitors. If not, then the algorithm can demote your site in search engine rankings, so do be warned.

There are other things to consider when designing or redesigning your company website such as the removal of sidebars, using a flat look for icons and other elements, and simplifying overall navigation. Once again, if it seems like too much of a task by yourself, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with a web design company.


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