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3 Popular Myths About Disaster Recovery

The sad truth about Disaster Recovery (DR) is that there are still plenty of SMBs who don’t think highly of the topic until it’s too late. DR should be part of any list of IT safety and precautionary procedures as it allows businesses to document processes needed to protect and restore IT infrastructure and architecture after a disastrous human or naturally-induced event.

IT outage can take place from a number of reasons, which may or may not include employee neglect or malice, riots, terrorist attacks, thunderstorms, and flood, just to name a few. To this day, many business leaders in different industries fail to acknowledge the importance of investing in the necessary time and effort to plan and protect the company’s IT infrastructure. Here are some popular “untruths” that many professionals say about DR.

Myth #1: Disaster Recovery is  Only for Those in the Upper Leagues of the Industry

There was a time when DR is, in fact, only for large corporations and international enterprises. However, those days are long gone as DR and IT infrastructure storage costs are down. Options for DR are now plenty, and there are now service providers that readily offer their expertise to a different business. A managed service provider can assist in breaking barriers of what was once known to be a highly-expensive endeavor while delivering quick and reliable solutions for recovery IT infrastructure and data.

Myth #2: Disaster Recovery is Very Expensive and Complex

 Perhaps that statement might’ve been true at the end of the 20th century, but we’re now living in the IT cloud era. Right now, DR service costs are not so expensive as compared to before, and while it does continue to be complex, businesses don’t have to tackle all the intricacies of IT infrastructures and data banks all by they’re lonesome. There’s now the option of getting a hold of IT managed services which bring DR solutions to the modern age.

Myth #3: The Company Already Has Personnel to Handle Backpacks So We Don’t Need DR Solutions

 It’s very easy to see SMBs and even large corporations to fall prey to this logic. While backups are still common practice for any business, the second layer of protection will always be a necessity. Furthermore, you need all the help you can get to get your IT infrastructure up and running once more should an IT outage occur.

If you see yourself or the company you’re affiliated with to put off strategic DR solutions for varying reasons, then you might be exposing yourself or the business to potentially catastrophic repercussions.


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