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What’s not to love about the stand up paddle boarding ?

Not so long ago,  the beach enthusiasts and the surf boarders were all over this new water sport – the standing up paddle boarding. It has swiftly gained popularity and adopted as the newest trend in water sports.  Now, lots of people immediately fell in love with the SUP. Here are the reasons why you too can become a fan:

Physical strengthening and conditioning.

 or those who want to lose weight, the paddling activity burns a lot of calories. It is an exercise that is low impact exercise as it involves groups of muscle and it also exercises the core. Touted as one of the best full body work out, paddle boarding offers you an intensive activity that burns a lot of calories compared to most sports.  It exercises your strength, balance, core and most importantly, your endurance. All of these with a very minimum use of equipment – just barely the board and the paddle.

SUP board


In the same breath, paddling is also a highly relaxing activity as nothing is as soothing as the lapping of the waves on the board. It is also a good way to experience the great outdoors and enjoy nature at its finest. It’s a full body workout done in the sea or in the ocean. Standing on the board gives you a vantage point that relaxes the mind, enhances your concentration and gives you a soothing stimulation.

Socializing while exercising.

Through the activity,   you will be able to meet other enthusiasts and beach lovers who appreciate the sights and the sounds of nature at a perfect vantage point on top of your board. Paddle boarding is a great topic to start a conversation with fellow beach lovers. You may start bonding and do paddle boarding in groups.

Gives you savings in the long run.

Non – paddle boarders may claim that the sport is a bit expensive starting with buying the right board. Yes, there boards that are quite expensive but due to the popularity of the sport, some SUP  boards are now quite affordable. However, there is a good return when investing on a board as it can offer you hours and miles of paddle boarding which will already be your exercise and recreational activities rolled in one.  Not only that, inflatable boards are also sought after as they save on space as they can be deflated and rolled into like that the size of a sleeping bag.

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