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Underused Online Shopping Security Tricks for You

The technology is so fast that anything can be done by just sitting in a room. The internet is providing the way to make individuals life easy in all aspects.

The online shopping system helps every person around you. It enables vendors to set up one online shop, manage the items in the shop, and help customers to buy anything without visiting the shop physically. Online shopping is convenient and easy, which takes just a few clicks to select a product of your need, order a product and have it delivered to your home.

Cybercriminals use various methods to exploit shoppers. Here are the security tips for online shopping:

Consider genuine online address

Consider genuine online address

This is one tactic which hackers are doing nowadays; they createa fake shopping websites, and the moment you enter the website, they start tracking you. The dangerous aspect of this is the checkout process in which they receive all your important information such as credit and debit card details, name, address, and phone number.

Some signs to recognize a fake website:

  • Strange website URL
  • Broken language
  • Horrible design
  • Strange collection of brands
  • Wired contact information
  • Low prices of antique items and more.

Access the secure shopping sites

If you’re online shopping customer and want to buy something from an online shopping website then make sure you always check the secure sockets layer encrypted installed. It is recommended to use a secure browser extension that starts with https:// and has a lock symbol in the address bar.

Use secure connections

Wi-Fi has some limitations in terms of safety and security. An unsecured connection enables the hacker to access all your traffic and view everything you doin real time. It allows hackers to view all your valuable information such as checkout information, emails, password, name, and addresses.

Some Wi-Fi warning hints you need to know before you buy stuff online:

  • It is an unsecured and open connection and uses WPA/WEP encryption.

The secure type of encryption connection for Wi-Fi routers is WPA2 AES which offers better protection and security than other encryption.

Update your antivirus, browser, and Operating System

Make sure you update your browser regularly when you start ordering online. This will keep you secure, and your cacheandcookies too. You can use Heimdal FREE software that allows your computer to automatically update all your software without bothering you.

Keep an eye on your bank account

The main purpose of hackers is to steal your credit and debit card details, and an online shop is the best resource to get such precious information. It is recommended to periodically check your bank account, to avoid such incident.

Some financial safety tips:

  • Don’t share your valuable information with anyone.
  • Use file shredder to hide your statements available in digital forms instead of just deleting them.
  • Use two-factor authentication payments methods.

Secure your shopping account with a password manager

You can use a password manager such as LastPass or Dashlane to secure your login process. It helps you to come up with more strong and secure passwords and to introduce your login details automatically.

Don’t keep your information on your smartphone

It’s recommended not to keep your valuable information on your phone, which is not secure and safe. Online hackers can infect your smartphones and access all important and valuable information including phone number, address, photos, notes and app contents.


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