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Tips on carpet cleaning related to odor, dents and stains

While regular cleaning is the most general thing done by many to keep the carpet clean and new, there could be instances where you find odor or dents or stains that are difficult to remove. So, here are some simple tips to help you do it easily:

Tips on carpet cleaning:

  • for odor: If the odor is on a small carpet or an area rug, the best thing is to take it outdoors, wash it with a mild detergent and let it be sun dried. The same thing can be done for your permanently fixed carpets. Just ensure to use very little water and dry it under the fan. Avoid using much water, as it gets to the carpet pad and may even add to the odor.

  • for stains: In order to remove stains, it is important to act fast. The sooner you discover and work on removing it, the easier and better results you get. Once you notice a stain, just use a wool cloth or dry sponge to dab on the spill. Avoid rubbing so as to avoid the stain from settling and spreading to a larger area. Hence, just dab. If this does not work, you may use some water and then tab again with a new piece of wool cloth or dry sponge. And if you are still not satisfied, get your hands on some carpet soap and water and dab. This should give you good results.
  • For Dents: Dents caused due to moving furniture can be fixed by using a stiff brush. You can also combine this process of stiffening the fibers of the carpet with a steam iron. Just use the steam from the iron and then brush it that moistens the fiber and will help to get back in shape.


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