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Reasons to invest in a beach umbrella

Beach is a place where you get a lot of sun. Not just from the sky, it’s actually heating the sand and the water reflecting also gives out some UV rays. So, you definitely need a protection. Constant application of sun screen may be helpful but having a best beach umbrella adds to the efforts of avoiding the sun burn after a fun day at the beach.

How does the beach umbrella help?

A beach umbrella is specifically made for the purpose of protection at the beach and hence it is made of the bets quality material that is shielded with UV protection at least 30 and above. You can even get umbrellas that have SPF protection as high as 100. The cloth of the umbrella should ideally be thick and double layered with proper tilting stands that can be adjusted as required. They not only protect you from sun, but also keep the sand below cool as you relax. They are even best allowing you to relax where you want rather than searching for a shade to rest.

best beach umbrella

There are many different designs of umbrellas available in the market ranging from small to big, options of size, designs, accessories that go with it, materials used etc. which can be considered as you choose a best beach umbrella.

To increase the protection against sun, it is best to setup your beach umbrella near a wall or any building that would further cut the UV rays from sand and reflecting water.

If that’s not possible, you can opt for a beach tent or one that looks like a canopy or an igloo so that you get protection from the side walls.

Another problem at the beach is windy weather. During this time, you need an umbrella that is sturdy and one that can withstand the pressure of the wind. So with a beach umbrella that is flexible in moving and tilting, you can adjust is as required to avoid the wind but still enjoy the climate. A good beach umbrella will allow good ventilation without disrupting the position and disturbing the direction of the umbrella. Storm proof umbrellas can be preferred to avoid high winds and heavy rains too.

And of course there are many other features that you can have in the beach umbrella like a hook, table, chair etc. which completely depend on one’s requirement.


A beach umbrella is definitely something that will increase your protection level and keep you protected from those red sun burn rashes. All you have to know is to choose the right umbrella that serves the purpose and one that is easy to carry too. Visit here to know more details http://www.bestbeachumbrellatoday.com/ .


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