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Know the best features of the massage chairs

How can a massage chair work?

In early nineties, the therapists used to massage physically by rubbing smoothly on the body parts like neck, shoulders and back. They used to carry a portable chair which helps in sitting relaxed by the receiver. Later on the chairs are fitted with vibrators and are used to relax the body by vibrating. The trendy massage chairs are now robotic, which can operate automatically once the settings are fixed. They run on motors and gears are fixed internally. Some massage chairs run on fully loaded batteries. Present market offers the best home massage chair to one who is planning to install at their place.

best features of the massage chairs

Types of massage chairs and their functions:

Some of the common massage chairs can be picked up:

  1. A full body massage chair: This chair helps in relaxing almost all parts of the body covering neck, head, shoulders, spine, hands and feet. They operate at fixed setting kneads the body. They are usually similar to recliners which help in fitting the whole body into it comfortably.
  2. Upper body massage chairs: Generally this type of chairs help in relaxing back, neck and shoulders. Their performance is less compared to full body massage chairs. They can be available at the best prices.
  3. Air massage chairs: They massage the whole body with the air bags fitted. They provide softer and soothing effect on the body as if a therapist massages. They are even fitted with rollers to massage the back and the feet. These chairs help in relaxing your brain and gets out the stress.
  4. Zero gravity chairs: This chair puts the body in an inclined position and the person feels as if he is floating and the back acne can be reduced thoroughly. It gives a stress free relief.
  5. Heat therapy massage chairs: The chairs contain heat pads and are heated to give a perfect relaxation to the muscles and joints in the body. It helps in warming the body internally and the soft cushions relieve the pain. Sports people and fitness freaks are the most users of these chairs.

Features of the best massage chairs:

Many massage chairs are available in the market today. These features make the best home massage chair ever. Here are some of the best features the buyers look for when purchasing the relaxing chairs:

Kneading: Kneading is a massage which gives a squeezing effect on the body. The rollers present in the chairs must perform kneading to the back with the help of motors attached inside.

Automatic programs: The massage is performed by the chair once the button is pressed. The automatic features involve setting of time, massage system and performance.

Footrest: As the footrest extension gives a complete body relaxation. Even rollers are fixed at the bottom to give the feet good blood circulation.

Many features are even being upgraded in the massage chairs which even benefit your health.


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