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Gemstones That Can Be Appraised

Before buying or selling a piece of jewelry that has a precious gem on it, make sure that it has gone through an appraisal and has a printed out appraisal report. Appraisals are done to determine the value of the jewelry or gemstone. This must be done before any buying or selling transaction so it would be easy to price the jewelry.

There are many precious gems that exist on Earth but however, not all can be appraised. This is because not all gems are of high value. Here are the gemstones that can be appraised.


 Diamonds are the highest valued gemstones among all kinds of gemstones. They are very hard and almost unbreakable. They also shine splendidly and can act as a perfect prism for light spectrums. They can be graded by their cut, clarity, carat weight and color. Online diamond appraisal are available too.


 Ruby is the most valued gemstones among the corundum mineral family. It has a very vibrant red color. The colors of ruby are different shades of red from pinkish to brownish. The finest rare quality of rubies can be worth as much as $100,000 per carat. It is also known to be a very hard and wearable gem.


 Sapphires are normally referred to as the blue stone. However, not all sapphires are blue. It can be any color except red since red is more associated with rubies. Like rubies, it also belongs to the corundum family but it has the second highest value next to rubies. Its value can be determined by its saturation. The vivid the saturation, the higher its value. Sapphires with vivid saturation are very rare and not available in the market.


 Emeralds can be also appraised. It is a green gemstone and the birthstone for May. It is of high value as well and its value can be determined mostly by color and clarity. The more intense the green color of the emerald has, the higher the value it has. Clarity is determined by looking at the inner flaws of the emerald. The fewer flaws it has, the more value it gets. The cut and size of the emerald do not have a great effect on its value.

These gemstones are very expensive but still, a must have jewel stone. Look for the appraisal report of the gem to know first, if it is not a paste, and second, its real value. This is done to avoid paying too much or selling too low than the actual value.



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