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A Cushion for Inner Peace

Meditation is great way of disconnecting from the world’s hullabaloo and connecting with inner self.  A lot of people are these days are resorting to meditation thanks to the unwanted stress in the life.

The basic requisites of a meditation session are a peaceful place and a comfortable meditation cushion.

Meditation cushions provide a great support, since human body is neither perfectly curved or flat.Prolonged seating may affect the lumbar spine and create discomfort which results in discontinuing the session.

These meditation cushions come in various shapes, sizes, colors and materials.  These are widely available online thanks to the eCommerce sites which sell a plethora of cushions from various brands for a competitive price.

Cushion for Inner Peace

Types of Meditation Cushions:

A round meditation cushion called Zafu comes with elevation, helps the meditator to sit a few inches above the floor.  When seated on this cushion the upper body is elevated, which means thighs are slope down and legs rest on the floor. However, this type of cushion is suitable for a person with average height, a tall person may have a feeling of misalignment and may be difficult to maintain posture for long periods.

A fortune cookie shaped cushion is great in providing alignment to the body and supports thigs.  This has heel cutouts which help heels to be closer to body and supported, this way overall posture is well maintained.

A lower lift cushion which is called buckwheat bean is great for people who don’t need a lot of elevation and prefer to sit comfortably.

More experienced meditators prefer the rectangular cushion, the lift is not very high and provides great alignment for an average height person.  Since this has straight edges it won’t interfere with the positioning of thighs and ankles.

Two-piece cushions are a great way of seating for taller meditators.  These are of two heights, one cushion which has a higher elevation for sitting and the other which has lower height for placing knees and ankles.

This cushion supports a person’s torso well and also keeps lower body a few inches above the ground level so that posture and alignment is maintained.


No matter which cushion is used, the ultimate aim is to be able to meditate and find that allusive inner peace and seek truth hidden in oneself.  These meditation cushions are very instrumental in providing sufficient support and align body to stay focused and achieve benefit of the session.


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