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The Coffee Chronicles Knowing Before Buying

Single serve machines are appropriately known as the “busy man’s” coffee maker. They merge easy function and comfort to produce complete satisfaction. But with so many devices, buying the one that fits your need may feel like a frustrating process. If you’re used to preparing your caffeine in a pot – or striking the pot that’s been seated around at work – then you might be asking yourself why you should spend in a single-serve coffee maker. The reason is basic: overall comfort and quality.

Think about how much time that coffee you consume during the day has been sitting around? An hour? A few? You know when that coffee touches your mouth that it’s not as fresh as it can be. With a single-serve coffee maker, you never have to deal with this. Whenever you want a fresh cup of coffee, you can have one. Here are the basic things to consider when choosing the best single serve coffee maker for you.


Find a source of supply and make sure you like the types of coffees/teas it can produce, before getting a design. Be ready to pay more for a single server, they have a tendency to have a higher price than the regular coffee machines. Remember, the expense of purchasing the coffee can add up quickly. Though consumption may differ, a calculation of how many cups of coffee/tea you consume can give you an idea of on-going costs for price range basis.

Ease of Use

Some single serve devices are more user-friendly than others. These makers are big on comfort, not wasting time and cleaning up fast and hassle free as possible. Do look at the water tank, it should be removed easily for loading and study the product guide to understand the range removal and frequent maintenance along with features you may not have seen or noticed.

Size Considerations

While some cooking areas can accommodate any size of coffee machine, others have restricted limited space and electronic appliances are juggled as needed. To function effectively, a single cup manufacturer should be placed on a protected, constant reverse or system, ideally within quick access to water for reloading. Consider the size of the area where you want to place your new coffee maker.

Cup Selections

While some single brewer makers will produce only one portion or only a cup, some designs provide more versatility with many choices and this can be very useful. A 10 to 12 oz size best for a travel mug (if the device style allows for tall cups), while those who really like coffee may want a 4 to 5 oz cup size. Depending on the people who will use it and depending on how much they love their coffee.

Consider how many persons will be using the maker and whether the cup choices are appropriate for everyone. Brew strength can be weighed by choosing a different cup choice and this is a nice feature. Water container size may not be considered for some, but for two or three grownups, a bigger container indicates less refilling.


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