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How anchors help in securing the beach umbrella

Enjoying the holidays at beach side is favorite pass time for everyone from kids to older. The beach side environment is pleasant with waves, cool wind and hot sand that everyone can enjoy the day in beach side. Some tourists visit the sea shores regularly. The tourists can enjoy the trip with proper planning. He has to carry all the essential things for the trip like beach chair and beach umbrella.

There are different types of chairs and umbrellas available, the traveler can choose the best for him. The problem often faced with the umbrella is that it can’t withstand the flow of wind at the beach side. He will be distracted from the enjoyment mood, if the wind takes away the umbrella and has to run behind the umbrella. The problem can be rectified by selecting the appropriate anchor for the beach umbrella, which penetrates into sand and keeps the umbrella firm.

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There are many points which have to be considered while choosing an anchor:

  1. There are different brands for the anchors. Choose the one which is under your budget.
  2. The anchors can be made of either steel or plastic which interferes in the life if the anchor. If you are a regular beachgoer, choose the steel one with solid handle so it lasts for repeated use.
  3. Most anchors have screw shapes and handles which makes them to screw in the sand easily. Some are equipped with platform of foot size to push the anchor into the sand. Follow the instructions on the product to fix the anchor firmly into the sand. If the sand is loose, use shovel to dig the sand insert as dip as possible and build a sand backup around it.
  4. It is also important to make sure that the umbrella fits properly into the anchor. Some umbrellas and anchors are come in pair. If it has not fit properly, the wind flow can take away the umbrella. To insert the umbrella into the anchor, the umbrella pole base is placed into the anchor hole at the top and make sure the umbrella is placed safely to the anchor. For some screws are provided to fix.
  5. The umbrella can also be prevented from going away by tilting the umbrella towards the wind.
  6. For extra security, the anchor can be mounded with sand around it or some weight can also be used. Pouring a bucket of water around the anchor helps to make the sand around the base firm, resulting in secure anchor.

Thus the beachgoers can enjoy their trip at beachside, if properly planned in arranging the necessary things like umbrella and anchor.


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