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The 5-step guide to get the best surround sound gaming headset

No matter how advanced your games are, if the headsets are poor, then you will not be able to enjoy the games. Choosing the best headset can be a confusing matter because there are different models, brands and types available. One of the main factors to look at is the sound and surround sound gaming headset is probably the best in this regard. You can get superb surround sound with turtle beach pc headsets. Here is how to find.

The 5-step formula to go about

Step 1: The quality of sound is the most important feature when it comes to surround sound gaming headsets. One factor that will influence sound is the wiring. If you do not like to be bound to one place while playing then wireless is the best option but the wired headsets will be better sound quality though.

Step 2: Look for the comfort level. You will be using the headset for long duration so it should feel comfortable on the ears and should not cause pain or itching. Look for a flexible frame that will not exert pressure on your ears. The turtle beach pc headsets are very comfortable. The ear cups should be padded so that they feel soft on the skin. It is better to have ones that cover your ear fully so that no external sound can pass through them.

Step 3: The third step is the weight of the headset. The lighter, the better is the basic principle for headsets. If the headset is heavier, they will not only cause discomfort to head and neck but they will also be not functional enough. The headsets that come with virtual surround sound technology tend to be lighter and that is the sure way to find the best surround sound gaming headset.

Step 4: Find if the headphone is open or closed. The open headsets will lend a realistic sound but others will also be able to hear what you are hearing whereas the closed one will isolate the sound. The former lends better sound quality though. Again, it depends on where you will be using the headsets. If you are using it inside your home, you can choose the open headset but if you want to use it in public places, then closed ones are preferable.

Step 5: This is the best way to find the best surround sound gaming headset. Just look at the size and the price of the headset. Cheaper headsets may look trendy and comfortable with larger ear pads but their speaker quality may not be good enough. The branded ones will not only have large ear pads but also superior surround sound with large speakers which ensure best sound quality.



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