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5 good reasons why your mattress costs the way it is

 If you are looking for a perfect mattress then you should calculate mattress ratings. In reality, the most comfortable, the most expensive and even the best mattresses out there were based on subjective comments.

You should know that it’s all about the hype. Here are the factors why your mattress is what it’s worth today:

The materials: You might be paying for the dramatic adverts on the technologies put into your mattress but in general how it’s made is actually cheaper than you think. There are materials that are expensive but there are cheaper one’s as well, if you want to buy a mattress don’t just believe it at face value, see it for yourself and see if the materials used does indeed live up to your expectations or not, it pays to know more.

The labor: The labor is one of the factors in which your mattress costs the way it is. If that mattress is labor extensive because of the amount of materials that it needs to be put in it and even the special stitching that it requires, it eats up more time to create and even additional manpower to complete it. If you want to appreciate it better you might want to check out the “how it’s made” show and appreciate the everyday objects that you so take for granted.

The hype: If it’s endorsed by a popular celebrity it becomes expensive, did you remember the “polycarbonate” word used by apple in their iPhone 5c? It does make the plastic look tech and classy right? So if they say multi-density foam it just means two Eva foam with various softness and firmness combined together. Don’t believe the hype, research the materials and not just listen to the ads so that you can assess if it’s really worth the price or not.

The brand: it’s like medicine; if it’s made by a popular maker you know it’s going to be expensive. What you need to do is do an extensive research. Read the reviews and stuff to know if the product is indeed quality before buying it. You never know you might even find a mattress made by a brand that you never heard before but their reviews are even greater and more positive versus the well know brands of mattress offered at the same price.

The ads: how can ads affect the price of the mattress? It has something to do with marketing and the expense in not just making the mattress but also promoting it. A company wants to make sure that what they are spending, they are getting the return of investment for it specially the profit. So it’s safe to say you’re not just paying for the name of a highly expensive mattress but also the ads that made that mattress known.

So the next time you buy a mattress keep these in mind. Be wise and not just be another victim of a substandard product that is overhyped.


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