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Pet Safety and Security – That’s the Yippr Name

Are you screaming after your dog’s name as they can’t get enough of their surroundings? The phrase “curiosity killed the cat” might even apply to dogs, especially for hyperactive breeds. Some dogs like gallivanting even if they’re already tied to a leash. While this might pose some problems while walking your pet pooch during midday, the challenges rise up at night.

Some dog owners like to give their K9 companions a trip around the local park at night, or perhaps you just want to bring Fido along with you as you contemplate on life while strolling around the neighborhood at 12 midnight. With your hyperactive pooch in tow, you’ll never know when a car comes careening from the distance. If your dog decides to step onto the sidewalk at the same moment the vehicle drives by, well, you get the picture. So to make sure that your pooch stays safe at all times, consider products with the Yippr name.

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Yippr Dog Collars

Yippr Pet Supplies has a variety of dog collars. LED dog collars and leather dog collars are available for purchase. Yippr’s LED dog collars will light up nice and bright so motorists, pedestrians, and other pet owners will know that you’re walking with your K9 companion at night. Hence, even if Fido likes to sniff at practically everything at the side of the road, motorists will immediately know and steer away from what might otherwise be a safety issue. Aside from LED collars, Yippr also has high-quality leather dog collars. Even without the LED feature, leather collars from Yippr are made to last, not to mention they have an exquisite brown leather construction complete with brass hardware for the buckles.

Dog Leashes and Leads

Not looking for dog collars at the moment, then not to worry as Yippr has other items for you and your pet K9 like leads and leashes. Yippr’s LED dog leashes will light up the dark streets as you let other people know you’re there. The brand’s leashes can go up to 6-feet in length, and interested buyers can choose from 5 colors, them being black, green, red, pink, and blue. The lights emitted by the LED leashes can be seen by motorists up to 1,500-feet away. As for Yippr’s dog leashes, these might not have the LED functionality, but they’re handcrafted with a beautiful brown leather that looks absolutely stunning on any dog.

Dog Car Seat Covers


Yippr also caters to a broad selection of travel gear for you and your furry four-legged friend. Despite the fact that we shower our pups with love and devotion, they can still nibble, claw, and damage the expensive interiors of your car. Yippr crafted the waterproof Dog Car Seat Protector Covers to aid vehicle upholstery and leather from dirt, water, fur, and any other “accidents” your dog might bring to the automobile.

Dog Travel Bowls

Have you ever experienced taking your dog out for a walk and you didn’t anticipate the weather to be sweltering? Your poor pooch will dehydrate faster than trying to make the first corner of your street. You look at your K9 friend and they look back at you with a sad face as they’re in desperate need for a drink. To remedy this situation, Yippr provides dog owners with a doggy travel bowl. Just pop it out and fill it up; there are no complicated instructions to use it, and interested buyers can even choose from 7 different colors.


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