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Why choosing Youi new Zealand is still a good idea than the other competition

Youi New Zealand is not a new player in the NZ and even had its share of ups and downs because of some privacy and security issues, but this didn’t stop people from doing business with IBANZ. In fact, they even had a good run this year and all remains fruitful.

Youi New Zealand

It does mean that this company means business and they take insurance very seriously. They may be down but they were never gone. Over the course of time, IBANZ has a good customer based and a good product base that people and companies would want to check out on.

Member benefits: So what does an IBANZ member get?


Ø  Single voice for the lobbying government

Ø  Strong and stable bond with regulators

Ø  Owning of NZQA accredited college

Ø  Continuous professional development program for the members

Ø  Code Conduct (professional approach)

Ø  Broker Manual (comprehensive)

Ø  Influence professional practice by joining the IBANZ Board


Ø  Have access to PIQ College discounted member rates

Ø  Maintain professional development program skills

Ø  Personalized CPD record keeping through online dashboard

Ø  iNavigator : Access to legal / technical assistance through

Ø  Discounts in buying membership cards

Ø  Scholarships

Ø  Local members meeting


Ø  Has outstanding relationship with the media to protect client’s image

Ø  Resolution centre

Ø  Newsletters for significant updates for members

Ø  Covernote magazine for organizations and insurance professionals

Ø  iNavigator: Substantial knowledge base resource

Ø  Professional brokers support

The factor: With all these things being offered by IBANZ and more it’s hard to pass out the offerings of this company. They have proven time and time again that even if they had a bad past, it didn’t stop them from serving their customers and getting newer ones. One of the factors in this is because everyone needs to be ensured.

The need to be ensured: We all need to be ensured for many reasons and it’s important that we have a partner in all of this that can readily support us. IBANZ had been there, and they know it all too well. That is why they are the best people for the job in handling you and your business.

Invest with IBANZ, it’s the best decision that you will ever have in your life. Their growth is a testament of their growing client base and many individuals and companies are willing to do business with them. And there is no reason that you shouldn’t, give them a ring and find out what they can offer you.


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