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Underground music in your home

Basements can be turned into anything the owner wants it to be instead of just being an extra space in the house to be used for storage. A little bit of basement renovation can go a long way. Turn your basement into anything you wish to turn it into, a bit of hard work and elbow grease goes a long way, you know.

If ever you want to have a home recording studio or a music room, the basement may just be the perfect place to build it. The acoustics inside the basement are fairly decent and you only have to do minimal sound proofing as well, the privacy it gives you is also a great way for you to work on new material.

Underground music… literally.

The basement may be a suitable place for you to build your home recording studio slash music room. Instead of building a separate structure inside your house for it, why not make use of all the unused extra space you have, meaning the basement. Since it is only used to store old stuff, why not turn it into something that you can literally use. Also with your studio being placed in your basement, you can now tell your friends that you are making underground music.

Perfect location

Being situated under your house, having a recording studio in the basement makes it a perfect location for recording and making music since it’s relatively isolated from any outside noise which means that the noise you make inside is also kept to a minimum which your neighbours might be thankful about. Aside from these reasons, the basement being wide enough, it will be adequate to cater to the space you need for equipment such as the amplifiers, the mixers, the computer as well as your extensive collection of instruments.

Not only can you make a studio in the basement, it can also double as a practice studio where you and your band mates can practice as loud as you want without disturbing anybody. Literal underground music right there.



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