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7 Apps That Will Make Home Improvement Easy

There’s an app for about everything; whether you’re looking for do-it-yourself project guides, color matching,calculators, or interior design ideas, there are lots of good quality apps for your mobile device.

Here are a few apps that will make home improvement easy:

Home Design 3D

If you’re planning to do any do-it-yourself home redecorating projects, it’s an essential tool for you. It allow you create your projects for room layout, and floor plan and save them to the app. Since the name suggests, you can use the 2D mode of app to draft rooms, openings, add walls, and change sizes of things within the room. You can use the 3D mode of the app to see how your final project will look like and choose the colors, textures and more.

The app is compatible to your iOS or Android device.

Home Design 3D


This app will help you to transform your home a smart one which works through with the Insteon system. You can control activities like switch on or off the lights, set up alarms for unsecure events in your home with your smartphone or tablet, which can acts as a remote server.

With the Insteon Hub, you will feel secure and safe in knowing that things at your home can be monitored right from your fingertips from anywhere. The app is compatible to your iOS, Amazon, and Android device.

iHandy Carpenter

It’s the prettiest, lightest and most handy carpenter tool kit in the world. It’s encrypted with a number of tools such as, plumb bob, surface level, steel protractor, steel ruler, and bubble level bar, which can be used to take accurate measurements while working for your home improvement.

It charges $1.99 at the App Store for iOS.

Home Maintenance by POJO

Home Maintenance is great in keeping track of all your expenses related to home maintenance. It also alerts you by reminding to items in your home that need inspection or repair, cost and date of last service, maintain all your service history along with the repairman details, according to a schedule set by you.

This app is available for iOS and costs $4.99.


If you’re thinking of painting interiors, explore new colors in the app by visualizing interior spaces with respect to natural lighting conditions. TapPainter is the most precise interior paint color visualizer available today.

To use it effectively, snap a photo of a wall you wish to paint and tap on the color of your choice. It’s easy to use and available for iOS devices.


HomeZada allow users to manage home insurance and home maintenance information, to learn precious ways to save money on servicing of your home, or to manage and plan your home improvement plan.

Home Maintenance by POJO

It also suggests how to reduce energycosts and save money on pricey repairs by scheduling various home maintenance appointments within the app. It’s available for free for both iOS and Android.

Handyman Calculator

It’s a complete construction calculator that allows you in a number of functions, like square foot calculation, woodworking calculation, construction project calculations, framing calculation, time tracking, and much more.

It’s available for free for Android.


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