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6 Great Ways of Preserving Victorian Sash Windows

Taking care of sash windows can be an easy-breezy task if you know exactly where to focus your attention. Ramping up the appearance of your home and replacing existing sash windows London might not be a smart move if you want to preserve its architecture, aesthetic appeal, and property value.

There are few recommended ways of maintaining the integrity of your property. Here’s a list to help you get started:

  1. Planning Permission

If you’re repairing the windows without tampering with the style too much and more than 40% of the original woodwork on the windows is preserved, you don’t need permission. On the flipside, if you decide to replace the windows of a listed or conservation building, it oftentimes requires planning permission.

  1. Draught Proofing

Victorian sash windows usually experience rattling and draught, which is not easy to deal with. Traditional draught proofing methods require channeling wood within the frame to comfortably fit the brushes. This could cause irreparable damage to the frame rendering it useless. It’s smart to go with a non-invasive draught proofing product instead to preserve the wellness of the frame for longer.

  1. Window Restoration

This aspect of remodeling is not new and has been gaining popularity since the past decade, maybe even earlier. With too many window restoration companies on the rise, make sure you go with professionals who have the know-how to justify your Victorian sash windows London.

  1. Long-Lasting Paint

Choosing a good quality of paint can preserve and shield your windows from dirt, mold, fungi, and water. Do your research and settle for a long-lasting paint that can do the job and preserve your windows’ outlook for at least a few decades.

  1. Energy Efficiency

Single glazed windows pose tremendous loss of energy costing you hundreds of dollars while eating into your time. You can control this by making sure the sash windows are double glazed to retain temperature levels for longer periods of time.


  1. Safety Features

Stainless steel hinges and locks are fantastic safety features to install for security and peace of mind. Sash restrictors allow only about 100 mm of the bottom half to be opened, but you can close them to allow the bottom section to open completely at will.

Revolutionizing Sash Windows Efficiently

Sash windows London were originally designed for timber frames, but they came with loads of issues, like peeling, rattling, rotting, and much more. Window manufacturers are taking note of these issues and introducing the more modern version which uses uPVC.

The uPVC variety is more robust and hassle-free, and you don’t have to fuss over it too much. In fact, they are more affordable than timber; they can be customized to deliver the same look and feel of traditional sash windows. It’s about time to make the switch and go with materials that can better withstand changing weather patterns.



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