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5 Simple Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Sash Windows

British architectural history would be incomplete without sash windowsin the picture; in fact, they have been around since the 17th Century. Even after decades, these breed of windows can never go out of fashion and luster. Certain construction choices, like the Georgian or Victorian style, use these windows a great deal to give the building attitude and personality.

Sash windows are ideal for the British climate, which is mostly damp and demands ample ventilation without rainwater seeping through. Regular maintenance can increase their life span, and they’ll last for generations without hampering the aesthetic value of sash windows London.

It’s not always as easy as it looks – buying the right brand and style of sash windows is not easy unless you have done your share of research. Here’s a list of to-dos to help you make a calculated choice:

  1. Restoration or Replacement

It’s a common mistake to replace the original timber with brand new ones. It’s wiser to waterproof and varnish the windows to increase their life expectancy. However, in the event that the windows are beyond repair or damaged, go ahead and purchase new ones from a recognized manufacturer.

  1. Material

Timber is a great choice for sash windows London if your home is located in a conservation area. Sure enough you can go with plastic; they are less expensive, but they don’t blend well with the aesthetics and functionality that wooden windows have to offer. They are great insulators, and very durable if they are maintained as recommended.

  1. Composite Construction

It’s a great idea to make sure that sash windows are composite in their construction with aluminum on the outside and timber on the inside. This would be perfect if you don’t fancy cleaning too often and are looking forward to low-maintenance windows for your home.

  1. uPVC

This low-maintenance, energy-efficient substitute for painted wood is a good option to look out for. They are a 40% cheaper alternative to timber, though uPVC can’t be recycled. These varieties are available in a range of colors and can complement your exteriors and interiors in more ways than one.

  1. Choosing the Period

Make sure you understand the era to which the property belongs so you don’t have to divert from its existing style. The structure and number of panes is a crucial factor to consider:

Georgian – They use the six-by-sixconfiguration.

Victorian –This style follows two-by-two.

Venetian – Several panes in the upper half, and fewer in the bottom

Making the Call

You can’t be too careful in choosing the right windows for your home to preserve its personality. Ask around or surf the internet to understand the going ins and going outs of sash windows London before confirming your decision.



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