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5 Awesome themes for your dream kitchen

If you’re thinking of getting a new house and re-doing your kitchen, or if you’re getting a whole new house built, you should give importance to how your kitchen would look. To all the wonderful women out there, nobody’s going to tell you that kitchen is the place where only the woman is supposed to be. Of course it’s not; you make memories when your husband, mom, friends or kids cook with you in the kitchen and that’s why you need to make your kitchen look good.

The woman of the house may not be the one who is always supposed to be in the kitchen alone, but no matter whoever comes in to help you in the kitchen, it’s always you who’s going to rule the kitchen! Don’t you want your ‘Queendom’ to be as wonderful as you? Then let your kitchen scream out your style aloud! Visit

Here are 5 awesome themes that will help you find the right track to your Dream Kitchen Solutions.

Go retro

Now who doesn’t like the old classy look? Going retro means going classy. You can have the old toasters and old utensils in the kitchen which you can actually use or can just keep it as a decoration item. Needless to say your guests would be surprised by the awesome and different look of your retro kitchen and thereby making you the star of the day!

You can buy all sorts of kitchen products that resemble those which were used in the vintage, even today in the market. Technology has definitely grown a lot, but some designs still can make it to your dream kitchen solutions.

Dream Kitchen Solutions

White Design

When you think of a white kitchen paired with a bit of red, or grey, or light blue, it gives you that heavenly feeling.  Now you might be thinking that a white kitchen is high maintenance. Anyway you will keep your kitchen pretty clean all the time since you cook your food there; then why not a bit of white to increase the brightness? You can get a fridge, an oven and your other kitchen products in white too, so that they fit in well in your kitchen.

Luxury design

Any colour you choose, add a bit of wood and golden color mouldings to it, you get you luxury look.

Cartoon design

Want to be a supermom? Then get some cartoon characters in your kitchen to add some color! If you are a big fan of princess cartoons or the Looney tunes, you really don’t have to think twice before getting them painted on your kitchen walls.

Tropical style

The tropical style demands you to add a bit of green to your kitchen. Keep some flower pots hanging near the green curtains with some funny wooden looking salt and pepper shakers and you are good to go!


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