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Mexication, relax in style

You took a vacation leave since work has been dragging you around lately. You want to go somewhere, anywhere, but don’t exactly have any idea where to start so you take out a map, stick it to a wall and threw a dart at it to randomly pick your destination. The dart landed in Mexico, and you are wondering right about now as to what you will do there besides eating Mexican food.

You go online and try to search for places that sound interesting and at the same time relaxing. You’re probably too tired to think about going there to party. As you continue to search the vastness of the internet for resorts and spa Mexico offers, one place has caught your attention, Chablé.

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What exactly is Chablé?

Well, it is just what you are looking for. A spa resort which was recently featured as one of the best new hotels in the world this 2017, awarded as the best hotel in the world for architecture and design as well as one of the best landscaping and outdoors. It is set with lush gardens and greenery all around. A smooth, contemporary design incorporated with walls that look like they’re from a 19th century hacienda complete will all the amenities found in a world-class hotel.

As you research further, you find something that you desperately long to experience, spa treatment. Not just any spa treatment, they offer lots of options depending on what you are looking for.

Rest and Relaxation, Here we come.

After very meticulous searching on the internet, you finally decide that this is where you want to go. You book the earliest flight to Mexico and hurriedly pack your bags. Off you go into that well deserved vacation you desperately need. After all, all work and no play makes you dull, so they say. After getting settled in your hotel room, you head straight to the spa. After all, that is one of the main reasons why you went there in the first place.

They offer a wide variety of options with very solemn-like names such as “Fountain of Youth”, “Tree of Life”, and “Heaven on Earth”. All catered to revitalize your physical and mental well-being.

Taking a break from a stressful environment is a key factor in one’s health, physically and mentally. One might opt to just stay at home and relax while others decide to go on a vacation, it offers quite a bit of relaxation while experiencing new things.


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