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Good Diet will help you pass hair drug test

Getting a follicle test or for most hair drug testing you need to have a good preparation for this. Some factors that most fail this test is because how much they smoked. How strong the weed was, there metabolism and diet, the body fat percentage and how much they exercise and sweat. These are some factors that you need to monitor closely before getting a test. If you don’t set yourself right before getting the test you might fail it. You can get more ideas about hair drug test  weedinmypocket.com

Follicle test or hair drug testing can be very critical since it the substance can in the system be detected up to 90 days. Below are steps you can to prevent that from happening.

Clean your hair and blood naturally

  • Marijuana can be carried to the hair follicle going to your bloodstream, You blood of toxins needs to be cleaned. It takes up to 30 days for the toxins to leave your bloodstream. Always remember that once your blood is clean your hair shaft will be too. Your hair in the span of 3 months should have already grown 1.5 inches and you will have clean samples available.

Speed up the cleansing process through diets and supplements

  • There are tons of things you can do for blood testing. But getting a good detox, proper diet, and drinking herbal can speed up you cleanings process in a matter of weeks. The production of histamine is being triggered by Vitamin B3 that helps blood capillaries to dilate which allows more toxins to be eliminated. Get as much water in your system and sweat out those toxins by either exercise or sauna.

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Clean your hair temporarily

  • If you have fallen short with your cleansing prior to your drug test you can use a hair detoxification shampoo prior to the test. These shampoos are made or designed to remove metabolites.

Home Remedy

  • Home remedies can cost less compared to detox shampoos. Most of the ingredients used can be found in the market like lemon juice, baking soda, vinegar, sea salt, and detergent.

Shave your hair

  • No introduction needed for this method since it’s pretty straightforward. When you don’t have hair in your body then you cant pass any samples. But be aware that most of the clinicians are already aware of this method and can fail you right away.

Summary: Be sure to follow proper steps in your cleansing process. Use proper methods and always get second approval that the method you’ll be using has already passed a drug test.


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