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CBD oil is great for you! Only if you buy the real stuff

CBD oil is now available in more and more states as new data has shown that it is possible to separate the psychoactive part of THC and maintain its therapeutic potential. CBD short for Cannabidiol found in the marijuana plant or hemp is a non psychoactive compound that is sold as CBD oil. CBD oil is well known for its health benefits especially for alleviating pain. The concern with CBD oil is that because it comes from cannabis, the present classification of cannabis may make some of the CBD oil illegal as they may contain higher percentage of THC in them resulting in some unwanted side effects.

      1 Cheap may not be best 

The number of options may lead you to consider a CBD oil that is inexpensive but that may not be a good move. A good CBD oil may turn out to be more expensive but will ensure that it has negligible impurities, no pesticides or mycotoxins in your oil. They will also be able to show you tests of their products done by an outside lab that has checked it for all the above things mentioned as well as its potency. A cheaper CBD oil brand may be looking to make a quick buck and wouldn’t necessarily want to go down the pathway of better quality and lab testing.


  1. CBD oil is not the answer to all our ailments

Marketing is necessary to sell your product but when a product make claims that it cannot back, then the credibility of that product must be questioned. To say that CBD is able to cure cancer or other such is basically selling a lie. A trustworthy brand will not look to deceive but to educate and you should choose brands that provide valuable information instead of nonsense.

  1. Find out the concentration of CBD

To understand the potency of the CBD oil, read the label. Some may mention the concentration of cannabidiol while others have the concentration of hemp oil mentioned. It is the concentration of cannabidiol that can tell you the potency of the oil. To give the concentration of hemp oil is misleading and suggests less of CBD in the oil itself leading to less potency.

  1. Do not DIY CBD oil

Many online tutorials suggest that you make your own CBD oil by crushing hemp seed at your home. That is not accurate and there may not be enough CBD concentrate for you to really benefit from it.


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