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Luxury restrooms at your doorsteps

Are you looking for portable restrooms for your events?Do you want luxurious and royal restrooms for the VIPs who are coming to meet you? Here is a guide to tell you a savior for such high-class events at your home or office, check out what we got to say!

How do these portable porta potty look like?

If you think of investing in the best kind of bathroom then this luxury porta pottycan be your ultimate choice. This is a rare commodity which is equipped with many things that you would love to have in your lavish bathroom. Off late, the demand for this washroom has been touching the zenith. Reason being, the luxuries which are installed in these portable set-ups!

portable restroom rentals

What these luxuries are and how do these bathrooms make for an ultimate pleasure hunt, you need to look out this here. Features of these portable porta potty are as follows:

  • These are, as the name suggests, can be transported easily from one place to another
  • Mounted on the vehicle or to say it aptly, it is the big van which supports the structure with the stairs mounted to step-on the set-ups

For which occasions can these portable porta potty be used?

You can check out the following occasions for which these luxury porta pottycan be utilized:

  • Wedding events where there are numerous guests to be served with excellent facilities and comfort
  • Special Events where you need to take care of the needs to visitors who are often very high-class clients such as in an exhibition or an art gallery
  • Production houses where the crew has to served really well when it comes to the basic needs
  • Home remodels when you need to rework your house and want an alternative outside for washroom on a temporary basis
  • Corporate retreats are truly very invigorating but to keep alive the spirit of the party, install these luxurious portable bathrooms in the vicinity, which are full of facilities that guests will enjoy

Types of restrooms that you may find suitable

There are varied kinds of these restrooms which you can find to be suited for you:

  • Portable restrooms with 2 stationsthat can serve up to 150 guests
  • 4 stations
  • 6 stations
  • 10 stations
  • VIP portable restrooms

With more numbers of luxury porta potty, larger number of people can be served easily so based upon your convenience, you can pick a perfect portable washroom for your needs.


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