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How human beings contributed to the loss of biodiversity?

Alterations by human beings to the ecosystem have causes of loss of biodiversity. When the agenda of human beings run counter to the objectives of ecological preservation, the environment suffers. In reality, men have already altered territories, have exploited resources and have placed certain species of plants and animals in a dangerous spot in the areas of survival. Man as the steward of living things can also make the biggest

Major causes of loss of biodiversity:

Destructionof the habitat and exploration of resources.

Alterations of the areas that have naturally existing flora and fauna have contributed to the loss of some the species. Plants and animal thrive in their natural habitat and the simple physical change in thesenatural havens is already devastating to such plants and animals. Human beings alter their physical environment in the guise of development but certainly, there are prices that are to be paid. When human beings alter the habitat in the name of survival effects are not just immediate and obvious but it could be catastrophic. Consider the destruction of coral reefs that can be done in few minutes yet coral reef needs years to be replaced. In the mining industry, the damage was done to the mountains; river ways may not be repairable at all.

Causes of loss of biodiversity

Exhaustion of the natural resources

When there is an unstoppable extraction of renewable natural resources to fuel industries and machines, thereis  a danger of exhaustion. The same is true when there is that massive activity to  capture or hunt certain species of plants or animals for economic purposes.


The intense and damaging human activities have caused the release of a product and by products that are poison the other living organisms. This is through alteration in the flow of energy and to some extent, alteration of the chemical composition of a habitat of some species. Emissions from the factories and residences contaminate the water ways and watershed and poisoning those living in these environments. In many instances, the effects are fatal and irreversible.

Climate change

 Human activities that alter the chemical composition and temperature of the environment can also be devastating to species. Many plants and animals survive and thrive only in in specific temperature and zones.  The climate change has also altered the physical environment of some of the habitats of plants and animals.


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