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The formula why BTS is sooooooo popular

Young, handsome, talented, charismatic, has attitude, cute and highly fashionable. Yeah it’s the formula for a successful KPOP band. For people that has been living under the shadows KPOP has now been a worldwide phenomenon.

Some people never really imagined that a KPOP can be a worldwide phenomenon, because if you think about it most of the songs aren’t in English. But if you think about it why animes and mangas did became popular even if it’s not in English? That’s right, subtitles and dubs!

Not their flavor: Yeah, some people might not dig it first but they do later on. Some fell in love with it right away along with other Korean tuff like food, TV shows and movies. You can even say that it’s an acquired taste. And I’m sure even if you don’t listen to it that you already know some of them.


Try it: But wait, have you tried listening and watching BTS? Yeah that’s right, sometimes when you get feed with so much information about KPOP and you watch at random it’s hard to track the names of these boy bands and girl bands that are showing in your TV screen.

The boy band: I’m sure you heard of BTS before, these guys are the cream of the crop, one of the popular ones that people loved. Each member has their own unique personality (not the mediocre type) and are very talented, proving that in order to be in their status good looks is not enough. People just can’t get enough of these boys and anything that they are in are an automatic viral.

Website for you: It’s really not overrated, it’s just how they are and how people accepted them. Try to research about the boys and you know just how big they are in Korea and in your country as well. If you heard about this band and you instantly liked their music and you suddenly developed this urge to be this fan boy or fan girl and you just can’t get enough of them, check out elitecelebsmag.com.

Elitecelebsmag.com shows you the latest and the best of BTS, giving you glimpse on how they are, what they are and what they love about outside the fame and performance. Search thru each individuals profiles and you might even discover that you and your idol are more alike than you think! Isn’t that a coincidence? If you need that dose of KPOP and BTS in particular, visit elitecelebsmag.com.


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